Friday, April 14, 2017

NollaGirl504 / New Changes To My Channel, Addressing Trolls / sigma1932

Sigma1932 started his comment with

"In the spirit of reasonable constructive feedback, yeah, I don't doubt there was plenty of anger thrown at you after that Victor Knight situation, but to be fair, you weren't an innocent bystander there due to your reaction. I'd be interested in reading the full discussion if there's more than what he's letting on, but AFAIK you deleted his comments... if not, let me know, I'll take another look for them in the comments on the other video on my own time."

and then more victim blaming nonsense from him followed, to which I tried to reply, only to thwarted by Google, a company which in this case, can be see shielding somebody who was baiting the victim of harassment and death threats from having his nonsense rebutted. This company just gets classier all of the time. My ghosted comment follows:

"Excuse me? There is nothing reasonable about your feedback. I looked up Victor Knight's OWN ACCOUNT of that initial discussion. Even if we take him at his almost certainly worthless word, he got abusive and she got hostile back. There is a world of difference between starting a fight and fighting back; to say otherwise isn't to be constructive, it is to be passive aggressive, as is your suggestion that she unhide the abuse posted by one of your fellow trolls. "How dare you explode after one of my friends baits you" - such typical troll "logic." Victor Knight's version of events can be found here: "

Linking to where my comment should be visible


As I keep saying, self-regulation has failed in the case of the Internet. One can't even explain Google's actions in terms of rational (if unprincipled) greed. The staff is being evil, just for the sake of being evil.