Thursday, March 2, 2017

Can We Talk About Trump? / Just Between Us

Can we talk about Trump? Sure, Gaby, why not? Aside from the fact that you'll block me. :)

So-called "liberals" like you and Allison showered the poor with contempt for years. You did some of that on this channel, and some of us criticized that choice, explained to you why Classism was an offensive display of ignorance, getting nothing but trolling and arrogance in return. We told you that people were going to get angry, really angry about this sort of attitude, but did you or other people like you listen? No. Good little rich kids that you were, you thought you could say or do anything you wanted to, and there would never be any consequences because people like you would always be in control. But there are always consequences.

Does Trump genuinely care about the poor? Probably not, but unlike you two, he at least paid lip service to the notion that somebody should and that's why he won. So many people were so desperate to find a candidate who cared whether or not they had a fair chance at survival that they were blinded to the obvious fact that Trump is a huckster and that hucksters do not keep their promises. If you think things are ugly now, just wait a year or two, when the electorate sees that Trump didn't care about the poor any more than Clinton did. Or you two probably ever will, unless the poor are of the right color or otherwise fashionable. Is some pale skinned straight guy in Missouri starving to death because nobody will hire him, no matter how solid his credentials are? People like you either won't care or worse, will find pleasure in his suffering, and then wonder why they are hated by people like him.

Empathy, Gaby. If you can't cultivate it, at least learn how to fake it and when you manage that, teach Allison, because I don't think you're going to like the alternative. You two claim to be part French. I'm sure you're heard of the Revolution. Push the poor enough and they will push back. If nothing changes, everything will. Leaders far worse than Trump will arise, if the people aren't offered a better alternative, one that they can endure. If the elected thugs fail to produce results, volunteer thugs will always be available. Random violence as a form of guerrilla warfare would be a highly effective choice for an oppressed underclass. The rich don't have the numbers needed to long endure a war of attrition. Sooner or later, the underclass will figure that out, because random violence is a natural, instinct driven response to a thwarted search for justice. Let the rioters discover that the murders they're committing are usually not being solved, and there will be more of them. Blood would end up flowing through the streets, and some of that blood is likely to be your own, either way, whether due to your execution by a thuggish future American government or your death at the hands of somebody who has been maddened by his circumstances.

Is that the future you want? I ask, because it's the future you're helping to make. If the masses start to riot, do you really think you'll be able to escape with as much face recognition as you already have? You'll be lucky to get as far as Long Beach without being caught. I can already picture Allison dangling from a noose, a tear running from her eye, her last thoughts being of Mexico, to which she had hoped you could both flee. As if there would even be any hope for Mexico, if America were to go Fascist. In this scenario, you both fail in your effort to flee to a country doomed to soon be destroyed. That thought makes me sad, not for you two, but for the Mexican people, who deserve far better.

I could add that after that, things get a lot worse, but I'm wondering, am I at all getting through to you? Is there any way to get past that bulletproof attitude of yours? Aside, I mean, from the actual use of a bullet? My three year old niece can understand the notion that her actions have an impact on others. Why, at 28, do you have so much trouble understanding the same thing? You can not act in a way that helps the thugs into power, and then morally separate yourself from the consequences.

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