Thursday, April 13, 2017

NollaGirl504 / New Changes To My Channel, Addressing Trolls / Reply to Lowspeed01

In response to a comment about the user "Angry MGTOW" in which somebody said

"How this guy has followers at all I'll never know."

I wrote

"As one of the guy's former followers, I can give one answer - curiosity about what was going through this guy's mind. I think I got an answer a few weeks ago when he posted a video in which he asked his audience if he should have sex with another MGTOW called "Turd Flinging Monkey", talking about how he'd like to have TFM lick peanut butter off of his penis, going on with this fantasy for longer than I was willing to listen. Shortly after that he did a video in which he sounded like he was near the point of emotional collapse over the fact that TFM didn't want to talk to him any more."

As usual, I link directly to the portion of the discussion in which my comment should be visible, and as you can see, it has been ghosted. Why? Because Google feels like it, that's why.