Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trying To Get Yourself “Summer-Ready" / Buzzfeed Violet

"Attention, Anglo-Saxons: the rest of humanity has discovered this thing called "seasoning." When used on food, it makes it more flavorful, with the result that you don't feel the urge to eat quite so much of it, or the need to douse it with sugar or salt as so many of you do (because they are the only two flavoring agents which you seem to feel can be consumed by respectable people) with the result that with many of you it is a race to see whether a heart attack, diabetes or a stroke will take you out, first. You can learn more about this from practically any other culture on the planet, if the people of any of those cultures are still willing to talk to you on this subject, because you've been absolutely insufferable on it for over a century."

See: here. Yes, Google censored this, too, because I guess we're not allowed to say that filling up on large amounts of bad, oversalted, oversweetened food is unhealthy? At least the mindless bot they have doing the ghosting felt so and (of course) no appeal mechanism exists.