Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why Do People Still Deny The Holocaust?

Nice try. Tell me, were our parents and grandparents also all in on the conspiracy? They will mention having run into far more than a few survivors, so just how much money did this alleged slush fund for victim bribing have in it? :)

In case you have forgotten, it is now 2017 and the Holocaust ended over 71 years ago. In real life, sad to say, people do get older and die, so one wouldn't expect to find a lot of survivors at this point, and I think you know that.

No, as a non-historian, I'm not going to drop everything to go investigate every fringe theory that comes by, for the same reason that as non-mathematicians, the historians don't drop everything to debunk the claims of the circle squarers and their ilk. Since I'm not trained in the field, I'm not qualified to do research in it, but even if I was, having dealt with cranks in my own subjects, I know what to expect.

You will advance one weak argument after another, and when the last has been knocked down, you'll just go back to the first, trying to "win" just by getting the last word. Anybody who has been online long enough (as in, for more than a week) has seen this game getting played. I've got better things to do with my time than to deal with that.

Note: After I posted the above comment and found that it had been ghosted, I posted this:

"+Josh E Want to hear something funny? I have to give up, because my replies are now getting ghosted. Again."

and found that it, too, had been ghosted. Isn't that hilarious? Whether it is doing so through malfunction or by design, Google is censoring a Jewish poster (that would be me) as he tries to reply to an anti-Semitic hatemonger. Isn't that awesome?

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv1QJ_yXzg8&google_comment_id=z133wjyrklzcynipp04ccluzqmvwdtxptjc

"When People Think You’re Intimidating" / My Reply to Anj Clifford

What follows is a problem report I posted after a comment I posted to a Youtube video was ghosted without justification. This means that my comment was visible only to me. I was able to confirm this by viewing the discussion in another browser, one in which I was not logged into Google.

(my report begins)

Let me show you the latest comment of mine to have been ghosted. Go to this discussion


I initially posted this

"'Definitely not working up nerve to talk, just staring.'

Bleh. Sounds awful.

'You'd find it annoying as hell too if you could feel someone's eyes on you all the time.'

I do actually find that annoying. So, unwavering stare, like a wolf watching a rabbit?"

and on checking to see how the discussion looked when I was logged out about two seconds later, found that this perfectly, non-spam comment had been blocked from public view. I tried to guess what Google's poorly coded spam filter had mistaken for spam, tried deleting my comment and posting a shortened version of the above. No go. Still ghosted. Finally, I tried deleting my comment, and posting without an included quote, which I really shouldn't have to do because this makes the discussion more difficult to follow, but like the other users, I have to deal with the narcissistic uncaringly incompetent jerks who work at Google. I posted this question

"An unwavering stare, then, like a predator ready to pounce?"

and that got ghosted, too, so the only response the person with whom I was trying to have a conversation can see from me is this apologetic remark

"Hi. I'm not ignoring you, but when I posted my reply, it was hidden from public view by Google's infamous spam filter. "

telling her the honest but bizarre truth - I tried to post a civil reply, and found that my attempt to do so was sabotaged by Google. I might add, as far as I can tell, the company is doing this just for giggles. Problems with the spam filter have been reported at least since 2013, and Google's only response to the problem reports has been to have some of its volunteer shills troll people reporting the problem, and then ban at least some of the people with the problem reports from the Youtube help forum, after deleting their problem reports, I guess because trolling and censorship are easier than fixing bad code. Or, and this would be my guess. because the staff is having fun being outrageous.

I am really learning to hate this company. Not merely dislike, hate, as in I wish ill upon the company and those who work for it. There should always be a price to be paid for this kind of arrogance.

(end of report)

I posted my problem to this thread in so-called Youtube help forum https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/youtube/ud2K7lI5xg8 where one can find plenty of other people reporting the same problem. Users have been reporting it for at least three years, without Google so much as acknowledging that the problem has been reported, much less that it exists. No movement from the company has been seen. Given how little regard the company obviously has for freedom of expression, I will be mirroring this blog on another host in the near future.