Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Young Turks / Confederate Statue Smashed By Protesters (VIDEO)

At 4:38 I realized that Cenk was defending lawlessness and vandalism and I got tired of listening. As for having monuments to the fallen German soldiers of World War Two, speaking as a Jew, I would have no objection to that. Cenk raised the point, himself and then acted as if he had forgotten it - German soldiers weren't necessarily Nazis. I would want the Germans to mourn and honor the men they lost. For them to do otherwise would be for them to lose a piece of their humanity.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Young Turks / Are Alternate History Shows Harmful To Society?

+StylesusTNA That's a half truth. When America entered WWII, the front was certainly stalled and true, America was a minor power at the time, only able to make a major difference because the major powers had already bled each other dry. BUT without us in that picture, the War would have ended with German troops well inside of France, and major territorial gains at the expense of the Russian Empire. Without any position of strength to negotiate from, the allies wouldn't have been able to push anything like the treaty of Versailles, so no national humiliation and probably no Nazi rise to power. Adolf Hitler would be known only as a semi-obscure folk artist.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Post-WW2 Anti-Fascist Educational Film | Don't Be a Sucker | 1947

"+xXMapleVodkaXx That's pseudoscience. The harm done by inbreeding is due to matching deleterious recessive genes. The individual "races" have numbers large enough that mating within one's "race" does not appreciably increase the probability of such a match. Saying that multiracial people are superior to monoracial people is just another form of racism, and supporting that racism shows that you don't even understand basic biology on the high school level."


That's right. Google's system just engaged in censorship on behalf of racist pseudoscience, and human beings working at Google go on censoring reports of problems with their spam filter. Have I said "stay classy", yet? I ask, because I find myself having cause to say that almost every day with these guys.

This blog might not get posted to much more in the future. Not every ghosted comment of mine has been reposted here, yet, because there are too many of them. I'd estimate that over 50% of my comments, all of them as un-spammish and reasonable as this one, have been blocked from public view by a broken spam filter, the problems with which have been reported since 2013 (if not earlier). Google, to date, has replied in only one way - by, as a fellow victim put it, "covering their backsides." By censoring the problem reports and setting their filter to ghost comments that refer to "ghosting." They haven't been so bold as to take down the videos that raise the issue, not because the people on the staff are too principled to do that, but because they're sneaky little illegitimate children who want to avoid controversy, and so do what they do on the sly, acting while nobody is looking.

As a user, I'm angry about this and I should be. I think I'm done commenting on Youtube videos. There are some discussions I'm still in, so maybe I'll respond to responses I get, but given the high probability that my replies will be censored, mindlessly and pointlessly, I'm not sure I'll bother even doing that. I will say one thing, however, without concern for who I offend by doing so: the Internet needs governmental regulation, harsh, intrusive micromanaging governmental intervention, because the Free Market has failed to produce decent service or even civilized behavior on the part of the providers we are left dealing with.

When free market thinking is taken so far that companies are left free to manipulate public opinion by tampering with the flow of discussion, and by making thoughts disappear from the public dialog, support for the free market has been taken past the point of sanity.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Happened At #VidConUS 2017? / Sargon of Akkad

Sargon, at 29:32 I really feel the need to say something. I've been subscribed to you for a while, haven't heard all of your videos (yet), but if I had to describe you in one word, that one word would be "gentleman." I am dismayed by the thought that Patreon would want to distance itself from your content. On what possible basis could they object to it? You are reliably civil and reasonable. I hope that doesn't sound like damnation with faint praise, because those are getting to be rare traits. I'll listen to the rest of your video, but I felt the need to say how astonished I was by the treatment you've received and to praise you for the patience and restraint you've shown in your response to this unprovoked abuse.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Reason Why We Can't Live Forever

This was different. The following comment wasn't merely ghosted. The system wouldn't even let me post it. When I clicked the reply button, the box and the button partially faded out and then came back, but nothing posted. Never a dull moment with Google's software, is there? Though, given the number of Indian names on their staff listings, I must admit that I wonder if somebody might have deliberately built a booby trap into the software in case somebody posted a sentence to be found in the quoted would-be comment below, as an act of prior restraint. If, as I say that, I sound like I'm saying that I don't trust the people at Google to wield their power in an honorable manner, that's only because I don't. This was what I would have said, had I not been blocked.

"This is going to sound cold to some, but I'm going to say it anyway. F**k the Third World. I'm tired, very tired of hearing about what we're morally obligated to give up just because they wouldn't exercise a little restraint in reproducing."

in response to a comment that global overpopulation meant that human beings in the West had no right to want to live past 200. This is where my comment would have appeared


and I stand behind that comment, no matter how it might make somebody in Calcutta or Rio feel. Personal responsibility for personal choices isn't just valid at the individual level, it is valid at the civilizational level as well. Demands from India or China (or people living in those lands) that the West make sacrifice after sacrifice so that the people in their own countries be spared the natural consequences of their spiraling population growth are illegitimate, and as the Western countries currently have birth rates below replacement level, arguments that the West is contributing to that problem are laughable.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Why I can't do one night stands (w/Matthew Hussey) / Anna Akana

This is sad. Anna, you are beautiful, charming, funny, articulate, at the very least faiirly intelligent and young - if only you were not perceived as being a gold digger, you'd never have trouble finding a boyfriend. You'd probably have no trouble finding a husband you'd be pleased with. But you had to be materialistic and refuse to see why that is a problem. You can't be selfish in relationships without that selfishness coming back to you.

See: here. That's where the comment should be visible but, not, it isn't, because management just won't admit that something doesn't work.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trying To Get Yourself “Summer-Ready" / Buzzfeed Violet

"Attention, Anglo-Saxons: the rest of humanity has discovered this thing called "seasoning." When used on food, it makes it more flavorful, with the result that you don't feel the urge to eat quite so much of it, or the need to douse it with sugar or salt as so many of you do (because they are the only two flavoring agents which you seem to feel can be consumed by respectable people) with the result that with many of you it is a race to see whether a heart attack, diabetes or a stroke will take you out, first. You can learn more about this from practically any other culture on the planet, if the people of any of those cultures are still willing to talk to you on this subject, because you've been absolutely insufferable on it for over a century."

See: here. Yes, Google censored this, too, because I guess we're not allowed to say that filling up on large amounts of bad, oversalted, oversweetened food is unhealthy? At least the mindless bot they have doing the ghosting felt so and (of course) no appeal mechanism exists.